Privacy policy does not sell, rent or share personal information about you with any third party.

We use our own webanalytics system. Your data don't go outside our hands.

We use tracking for some reasons. The first one is to be able to use searched keywords in order to animate our social network feeds. The second one is that can help us to improve user experience in quickies. The last reason to use tracking is that it help us monitoring website uses. If some functionnalities are broken, we are able to locate which one and patch it.


Our Policies


We only use cookies for analytics and session purpose. No additional cookies from third-party will be used here.


Fingerprinting is a technique of anonymously identifying a web browser with accuracy of up to 94%. We are working on this method to replace cookie system.


If you receive some mails from us like newsletter or surveys and you want to opt-out, you can do that with a link in the mail.

Security app and server are often checked and patched to grant your security for every items you leave to us. We also use monitoring system to manage our IT.



In order to improve, we can be required to send you surveys mail. You can indeed unsubscribe to this kind of message from us. Help us by answering surveys !


We may be required to send you promotional offers related to our site like smartphone accessories or video apps offer. Keep in mind that we try to help you to increase your sales.