Terms of Services


We provide this service "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE". By continuing browsing our website and using our web application, you fully agree to all terms of services describes below that may change time to time

This service is a marketplace that allow every one with a smartphone to buy or sell mobile video content using bitcoin currency

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Newsletter may contains affiliation links to external websites

You can delete your account at any time

Use contact form with restraint


quickies.media's transaction fees are 0.0011 including blockchain fees

External transactions are limited to the amount of 1.0

Be carefull when doing external transaction, there are irreversible transactions

Social share

When you made a video or a request on quickies.media, according to our philosophy, and sharing it on external social network, be warned that you need to conform yourself to their directives and personal terms of services


By using our services, you agree you are not allowed to incite the commission of an act considered illegal in terms of morality and of your local laws, including violence toward human and animal.

Request title must be between 10 and 77 characters

Request description must be between 10 and 299 characters

Request keywords must be at least 3, separated by coma, and the maximum is 7 keywords


By selling a video, you also sell the right of use for any purpose , including commercial purposes. Please notice that you are fully responsible for the content you upload, so please read carefully our description of good behavior to have on quickies.media

When selling a video, you sell the right of use including image rights

Video can be private (in case of video response) or public

Video length must be between 10 secondes and 12 minutes maximum

Video title must be between 10 and 77 characters

Video description must be between 10 and 299 characters

Video keywords must be at least 3, separated by coma, and the maximum is 7 keywords

The price you can choose with the slider is between 0.01 btc and 1.00 btc, see conversion in your wallet

quickies.media allows itself the right to use uploaded videos for promotions purposes

If you delete a video it disappears from search results, but people who bought it can keep it

The videos flagged as inappropriate will be removed if there is a legitimate reason after analysis

Video answer must be related to the corresponding request

Don't use request and video to make spam

The scoring system allows all those who have purchased a video to rate it

Search engine

Our search engine use description of video to match searched keywords


Fair-play model

you make money, we make money

Video on-demand

becomes footage hunter with your mobile and create a business in an emerging market

Citizen media

report the news easily around the world with a smartphone


diversify your sources of income, uses bitcoin from everywhere around the world with our online wallet


☆ Good ☆

☆ Use quickies.media for commercial purposes, to make your online business

☆ Report breaking news, sales good video content, make web series, web documentary, how-to videos, ..

☆ Ask for a special video content according to the general request's rules explain above

☆ Share your video productions on social network for your existing customers

☆ Flag inappropriate video

In general, to have a behavior consistent with the purpose of quickies.media , which is to facilitate the business video online

★ Bad ★

★ Post the video of the intentional commission of an illegal act considered bad in terms of morality and the law

★ Incite the commission of an act considered illegal in terms of morality and the law

★ Use your wallet for the purpose of laundering

★ Make unrelated video response

★ Make fake video reviews

More generally, to have a behavior that is against your local laws and against morality